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    Biking Charlottesville, VA to Lynchburg, VA

    Does anyone know a good route? Route 29 is the most direct, but the thought of driving any distance on a highway makes me really nervous. Hopefully there are Virginia bike trail systems that I am missing.

    I have been riding bikes since I was five, but I bought my first real road bike yesterday and am eager to try out some distance rides. Can anyone offer advice about going between cities on a bike?

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    I don't live near there, nor have I ridden there, but a quick look at a "google-earth" app, I immediately was drawn to 622, 626, and 708. Essentially paralleling US-29.

    But if you just bought that bike, and haven't been cycling, you might want to start with a route(s) that are more circular, and don't get so far from home -- in case you have trudge home because you are exhausted, or in case you are too tired to even trudge, and need to call for a "rescue".

    Cycling is easy and fun. But the easy and the fun does take some conditioning and getting used to -- esp. if one lives where there is as much UP and down as around Lynchburg and Charlottesville.

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