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    looking for a group

    Hello all, Just got the Coulmbus, GA area, right off Ft. Benning. I started out a hair over ayear agop riding in NC and met a number of awesome people. Now, I am here in GA and looking for a group to ride with on the weekends, maybe do some of the local events...anyone know where I can get the local info, groups, forums at? I tried the 2 bike shops in town and needless to say...I was a quite bit dissapointed in the information I was given, or rather lack of imformation. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    LT -

    you might get more response if you posted a thread entitled "any riders in / near Columbus, Georgia?"

    Then everyone could see where you are interested in, and may be more likely to open the thread and possibly respond.

    You might also do better if your first post didn't "trash" the local bike shops. After you've insulted them (whether or not deserved), why would anyone associated with the bike shops want to respond?

    Is the "leadership" training you've been getting only of the "stick" kind? "Carrots" work better in the non-military world where the associations are voluntary. And the voluntary "commitment" can be re-evaluated every micro second because there is no binding contract and possible legal ramifications to changing your mind, especially if additional, previously unavailable information becomes available.

    I am NOT anti-military, but your OP is not likely to win you any friends, or be a constructive influence on anyone.


    p.s. You could try by just editing the OP of this thread to a more positive (or at least neutral) outlook. (You can completely change the text of the post -- you cannot change the title of the thread.) If you change the tone of your OP, I'll zap this scold, and change it to something such as "good luck in Columbus / things in the Triangle remain good."

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