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Thread: Stolen Bike!

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    Stolen Bike!

    Stolen Bike From Free Flite: "Happy Holidays everybody, While I was enjoying a cold wet ride at Blankets yesterday, we had a customer come in and take a 2009 Roscoe for an "extended" test ride. The perp was a very clean cut white male wearing a nice Marmot jacket, and was VERY knowledgable of the bikes he was wanting to "test ride". He mentioned he was from TN and spent a lot of time riding Tanasi, but he could be from anywhere between AL, FL, TN, NC, SC, etc. Our employees followed procedure, but this guy was an all out professional and came in with a plan. His DL, (fake left in a wallet insert GLUED shut with the clear plastic cover), had his actual picture on it and we are working to get a copy from the Canton PD to post up.

    Here are the specifics: Bike: 2009 Gary Fisher Roscoe 1 - Matte Black - 19 inch frame - Serial # WTU257G0051D
    Scum: White Male in his late 20's to early 30's - Dirty blond/light brown hair - 6'2" 185lbs (according to him when we set the suspension). He was wearing a dark blue marmot jacket with yellow writing.Call or email me with any info that I can pass on to the proper authorities.
    770-479-7433" Trish's note: Only scumbags steal bikes! Let's catch this guy!
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    Wow that sucks. I hope you can catch or get the bike back.
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