Okay folks, We've had a lot of interest over the past couple of years while building the first mountain bike trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We have about 7 miles of trails ALMOST done. The main thing missing right now are bridges. We need several, the park has been good enough to give us 3 aluminum bridges which we are using but we need to build more. We built one so far with money donated.

This is what it looks like:

The little girl in the photo would one day like to ride these trails and is anxiously awaiting the construction of the rest of the bridges. So....Time to put your money where your mouth (and wheels) are!

The great thing is we made it easy. Go to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitor Center (off Pinnacle Valley Road) and make your tax-deductible donation. Make sure you let the park know that it is for the mountain bike trails. The sooner we have the money, the sooner we can make these trails open to everyone.

These trails will be free to ride, no passes, no fees but we do need some financial help to get them built. Thanks!