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    NC Coast Bike Route Recommendations?

    A radio ad this morning for the Bike MS in New Bern got me thinking about taking a day trip to the NC coast with my gf on July 5th from the triangle. Ideally, we'd leave the triangle early (via car), bike 30-50 miles, and then go swimming in the ocean. We don't have to bike at the same place we swim, but the closer the better. I've looked at mapmyride and bikely, but there are so many options I don't know where to start. Does anybody have any good routes they can recommend?


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    My reccomendation would be to drive down to somewhere near the end of Cape Hatteras, on Rte 12, offload the bikes, and ride them to the departure point for the Ocracoke Island Ferry. Catch the ferry over to Ocracoke, then pedal to the other end of the island. It's only about 13 miles to the other side.

    Once there, you could: bop around the quaint village-like area on the bikes; visit the lighthouse; get a relaxing lunch or dinner at one several good seafood resuarants there; then pedal back across and catch the ferry back to Hatteras.

    This would give you somewhere between 30-50 miles of pedaling, total, depending on your jumping off point from Hatteras. Not sure where you'd want to swim, but there's certainly no shortage of beachfront area to do it, in those parts.

    It'd be a long drive, that's for sure, but the beauty is, once you got over to Ocracoke, you would unass an awful lot of otherwise would be beach-going vacation traffic. The other good thing is, being on bikes, you'd be assured passage on the Ferry. If you were trying to do it in a car this time of year, without reservations, you'd most likely be S.O.L.
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