Hi - traveling to Myrtle Beach to visit some relatives for about 5 days in late January/early February (not a vacation per se, a family event). I would like to rent a decent quality road bike and do some fitness/training rides in the area. I did a web search and saw several options.

Any recommendations for specific shops that you might be familiar with?

Like I said, I'd like to rent a decent road bike and am not super cost-conscious. My wife would like to rent a road bike if she can find one that fits (5-2, probably an extra small compact frame), or if not, a regular old geared hybrid type.

We'd also be interested if we could find a decent tandem to ride.

I know it's not super warm there, but we know how to dress for cool weather and really need to get some rides in for fitness goals we have.

I suspect a short drive inland might bring me to some nice quiet country roads for a decent 1-3 hour ride? I'm not at all paranoid about riding roads, even in traffic, but would prefer somewhere I can cruise fairly peacefully for a long ride.

Thanks for your help.