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    Bike Trade Suggestions


    The short version of my question is this: Does anyone know of a place where I could trade in a Roadmaster Mt. Fury mountain bike (maybe 24") for a larger size bike (any kind 27"-29")?

    I recently had two bikes stolen from my backyard. I didn't have them locked but they were put away in such away that I thought they would be safe. Obviously, I was wrong and now know better. My friend kindly gave me a replacement bike that she doesn't use and which I store inside.

    The challenge, however, is that the bike is far too small for me! I ride it because, biking is a very important part of hanging out with my 6 year old (when he was four, we did a 137-mile ride in Hawai'i with him in the bike trailer) but frankly it's painful!

    Since I can't afford to buy another bike right now, I'd like to trade in this bike for a larger size somewhere. I'm looking for a one-to-one trade since getting $20 for it and paying the balance for a new bike is not an option right now.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for reading,

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    Craig's list, local pawn shops?
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    Need to google bike sizing. Your bike is not 24", it's tires are. That makes it a child,s model. Best bet is to hit thrift stores or whatever. Road masters are associated with Walmart, and basically have zero value. And it is going to be rare to fing anyone interested in taking a juvenile bike in trade for an adult bike.

    You also are off on the adult bike sizing, roadmaste did not make that bike. In a 27 or 29 inch frame. You would need to be seven foot tall for that size.

    Post a bike trade wanted on your local Crais List as well.

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