Some friends and I recently downloaded the route for Hurt Pain and Agony which starts and ends in traphill NC, just outside of Wilkesboro (about 45 minutes from Boone) and did the ride on our own. We had never heard of the ride until we found it while on an unsupported bike trip in the Boone area, so we decided to try it out.

Bottom line----one of the best rides in our opinion we have ever done. 67 miles, about 6200 ft of vertical elevation. By our count only 6 miles of flat, everything else was up and down. The traffic count was ridiculously low, so low we often went 15-20 minutes without seeing a car at all. Whoever put this ride together did a masterful job piecing together the lowest traffic count roads within this tiny corner of northern west central NC and far southwest VA.

I imagine it is even more fun with the other 300 or so cyclists that can do it on the scheduled day of Hurt Pain and Agony which I believe is usually in late July.

Check our their website as it is definitely worth a look and ride----beware the first 6 miles really get your attention!!