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    Reference: Louisiana Bike Shops

    After buying a GPS for randonneuring, I started to look for the locations of all bike shops, emergency places where I could buy bike parts or perhaps get repairs while out riding in Louisiana. Here's the preliminary list.

    Feel free to add to it or suggest corrections in this thread.

    The list is an MS Word 2003 document. There are some links ("Map") but all text is black as this is a work in progress.

    Actually, the list is a temporary work document, as I intend to create a POI list/file for my Garmin eTrex 20 from it - when I learn how. I will use Google Earth to get the Lat/Lon and add that to the list in the process. But, as a paper resource, this may be useful to others now.

    Note at the top of the list that I may eventually add sporting goods stores, Kmarts/Walmarts and the like - places where I might be able to buy tire repair kits, tubes, etc. I just haven't decided how far I want to go in that direction in customzing this as a special-purpose POI listing.
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    I can vouch for a few of these, since I live near Houma/Thibodaux.

    Bayou City Bicycles in Houma: He's got a decent amount of parts, so-so service. It's right by Southland Mall in Houma.

    BG Bicycles in Houma: I know the owner, we ride on the weekends with the local club. Rod's a nice guy, usually keeps high-end stuff in his shop. Not a whole lot of parts, but he can get you just about anything you need with no fuss, overnight.

    Tom's Bike Shop in Thibodaux: Avoid. It's 90% lawnmower repair, and the parts he does have are mostly 10+ years old, geared towards cruisers and kid's bikes.
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