Anyone in the area want to show me around a bit? Flying in from Ohio Thursday morning, should be at the bike shop in venice to get my rental by noon-1pm (if everything goes as planned), and I definitely want to get out and get some miles in that day. I want to push myself to try to do 60 miles/day, although, I think that's a tall order, especially since I haven't ridden up here since late October

So if anyone is going to be out and wouldn't mind someone tagging along, or if you just want to get out, I'd like to see the area. I'll be staying in Nokomis (not sure exact area of it...haven't been to grandma's place in FL yet) and riding from there. Otherwise, I'm just gonna be riding around where ever the road takes me, and who knows where I'll wind up.

I'll try to follow up on here as much as I can, or you can text me at 614-three eight five-3826

Hope to meet some of you!