A bicyclist was killed Tuesday morning after he was hit by a car that had just been involved in a crash in a St. Petersburg intersection.

David Formato III, 54, was killed while sitting on his bike at the northeast corner of the intersection of 34th Street N and 13th Avenue N.

According to reports, a northbound 1998 Honda on 34th Street N was hit by a southbound 2009 Kia that was attempting to make a left turn onto 13th Avenue N.

The Honda veered onto the corner where Formato was sitting and hit him, police said.

Formato was pronounced dead at the scene.

David Hopkins was working across the street when he heard what he thought was thunder, then saw the crash at the corner.

"The two cars had hit each other head on apparently and both cars were pretty mangled up, there were some broken pieces of the power pole and there was a guy or what looked to be like a guy laying on the ground there, Hopkins said.

Formato lived nearby. Friends say he was co-owner of a local construction company.

They say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and hope hes remembered as dedicated, funny and hard-working.

"It's unfortunate because you know, you're not even involved in the situation -- he was just doing what he needed to do, waiting," Hopkins said.

Both drivers were transported to Bayfront Medical Center with non-life threatening injuires.

Police say charges are pending in the case. Officers said Formato's death marks the second fatal crash involving a bicyclist so far this year. Five bicyclists died in 2011.