I realize that failure to plan on my part does not constitute an emergency on your part, but I am traveling internationally tomorrow (5pm flight) and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where in the DC / NOVA area I may find a soft travel case to meet my needs. I'm taking a 5PM flight out tomorrow (Sunday) and I found out today that the hard case I have will most likely end up costing me $175 each way (ugh!). For this reason, I'm sort of scrambling to find an alternative to buy retail - and to make things more difficult, tomorrow is a Sunday.

The Aerus Biospeed seems to be the industry favorite, but I can't seem to find any place local to pick it up same day. I'll definitely be getting one for next time, but I just realized today that I was probably going to get raped with baggage fees today (I assumed, since it's lighter than my golf clubs, that I would be fine. Apparently not.)

So - does anyone have any recommendations? Tough order, I realize, but hopefully someone knows.

Thanks in advance!