What up Upstate SC shredders! Figured I would start a place for us Upstate SC freeriders and trail trekkies to hang out. Come on in and introduce yourself, your steed, and where you are or ride.

I'll start it off! I am known around FL and South Carolina as "ChiliPepper (CP)", "ChiliDog", or just "Chili", and I usually ride a duo with my now 15 year old son, which is a serious ripper (but not as good as I am... ), and my wife, though she is the more passive XC rider. We used to shred our local trail, the GFT ("Grapefruit Trail" in FL), which is a ever changing, challenging, and very fun trail. Lots of drops and jumps to have a blast on, though the trail flows very well. However, we also shred "Santos", "Markham Park", "Chuck Lennon", "Carter", "Tom Brown", "Alafia", "Graham Swamp", "The Rock" and many others as well.

We now live in Upstate SC and shred "Clemson", "Hilltop Bike Park", "Paris Mountain", "Gateway Bike Park (Travelers Rest, SC)" "Oconee State Park", and "Brevard and Boone" area in NC. I love any gravity fed shredding, and getting my son into it as well (gravity part that is...lol), though he is more FR and DJ...lol. I don't care for DJ's that much...haha. We used to do a lot of urban FR as well in the concrete jungle.

Anyways, I rock on three steeds right now.....

IH Yakuza Kumicho (8" rear, and Totem fork)
IH Yakuza Gashira (HT - Slalom/DJ/FR)
Santa Cruz Bullit (7" to 7.5" all around)
Jamis Komodo II
Mirraco 20Forty (DJ/Urban/Trail)
Mongoose Ritual (DJ/Park/Street)

My son rocks on the SC Bullit and Gashira as my Ritual and 20Forty are still in FL.

So come on Upstate SC shredders/riders, join in and post up! On-On!