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punkncat 02-03-14 08:06 PM

PATH has been hired to consult with Clayton Co

There is some great news for southside riders on the horizon. The Panola Mountain/South River trails are going to be connected to Monastery of the Holy Spirit in 2014 with a grand plan of connecting those to the BeltLine at/near Boulevard Crossing.
Additionally PATH has been hired to work with Clayton and a private group to create a master plan for the improvement of the trails and possibly connect them to the BeltLine. There is no mention of that specific part in the news link there and I was unable to find the news link I read it in. I have to say that even the conjecture is exciting news for those of us who live so close, and yet so far away down in Fayette/Clayton Counties. It would be superb to be able to get on a bike in Jonesboro and ride all the way up to and around Atlanta on dedicated bike paths.
One can only assume this would eventually encompass being connected to the Silver Comet as well as the Panola Mountain system. How nice to be able to ride all the way to Anniston without more than crossing a road with cars?

crashmo 06-08-14 02:59 PM

Very cool. Any updates on this project?

punkncat 06-11-14 07:15 AM

I have not seen or heard anything as of late. Since they were hired to consult I have no idea if they are going to create a master plan or not. Given that the trail connection to the Monastery is just being finished they are focusing on awareness about that.

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