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    Charlottesville - recommend a 20 to 3 mile ride for me?

    Heading to Charlottesville, VA tomorrow for a quick down and back to pick my daughter up from lacrosse camp.

    Staying one night - so going to see the town Wed afternoon and evening. Have a few hours Thursday morning to get out for a ride while my wife sleeps in a bit.

    Not entirely sure yet where we're staying - booking hotel later tonight, but probably central or North CVille areas.

    Can anyone recommend a nice loop for me? Would probably ride in the 6 to 9 am time frame. Don't mind any mix - roads, MUPs, hills or flats…not looking for a hard training ride, just a nice loop to see the area and get a few miles in.


    Also - if you have a recommendation for a good locals place for food and beer Wed night (and music) please toss it out as well.

    Supposed to say 20 to 35 mile ride…not 3
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