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no more nellie
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MS 150 Santa Barbara DAY I - Ride Report with Pics

Okay, I will try to make this brief, but I doubt it will end up that way. If you are interested, please read on (Day II will be in a separate post). If not, skip to the photos.

As you all know, I rode the MS 150 Santa Barbara Tour this past weekend. I had ridden the MS 150 Bay to Bay Last year and loved the challenge of the ride and the overall experience. It was very well organized and a new experience for me (two-day, overnight ride). I was hoping for magic to strike twice. Mind you, I rode last year and this year mainly for the purpose to raise funds for the MS Society. I feel very strongly about this charity as MS could strike any of us or our loved ones (definitely between the ages of 25-45, no matter how healthy!), so any funds that will advance research for treatment and eventually a cure for this devastating disease is imperative. But I also, to be honest, ride for the miles, the challenge, the rush Ė all the reasons I ride at any given time. I love it!

Day I Ė I arrived at Thousand Oaks expecting to take on the 100 miles solo. I always pack extra fuel, just in case, so I had a PayDay and many gels coupled with two bottles of Cytomax. I should have brought more as the rest stops along the entire route were dreadful. (They offered cut up bananas and mini cliff bars -both of which give me a very upset stomach on long rides - and water. No Gatorade or anything!) At registration I discovered that three of my team members wanted to ride the century with me. They are really sweet guys, but it was the first century for two of them, and the third is a party-guy who I knew probably hadnít trained properly for the event. Oh, well, sigh, whatís a girl to do? So, the three of us headed out together. From the start line, I pushed the pace just to see how strong they could keep it going, getting us up to 20-22 mph on the flats. I shouldnít have done that, but I was eager to get through the beginning climbs. I was told the route only had 1,700 feet of climbing (not true), so I foolishly hammered us up the few hills we had in the beginning. Yes, Iím a slow climber, but if need be, I can up it a notch for a short period. We blew through the first 25 miles pretty quickly, hills and all. It was beautiful weather from the get-go, and pretty soon into the route I met a hottie who was on his first century. He was a strong rider, so I followed him a bit (nice view) which kept the pace at a pretty nice clip.

Then my boys started to fatigue a little, so we brought it back a bit and mostly road back country roads (no spectacular views to report and I was just getting used to my new camera Ė so, sorry no action shots until Day II). We came across a woman who was probably in her 70s. She said she hadnít been on a bike in 10 years, and yet, here she was, trying to ride 75! Ugh. I gave her a gel and the number for SAG and left her (she was still breathing). As we headed farther up the coast, one of my riderís knees began to kill him (party-guy and I could have guessed), so our pace had to slow. I was grinding my teeth, but I remembered that I had another 100 on Sunday, so I was able to think Zen thoughts. But after having to stop at least five times to wait for him, I began my attempt to get him to SAG back. Why ruin his knee? Ė And more importantly, why ruin my ride? To top it off, one of the other guys, who didnít know any better and who wasnít fueling properly (again, in his defense, all he had were bananas and mini cliff bars to munch on at the stops!) started seriously crashing. I could see it in his face, so I immediately gave him over half of my PayDay (what as left). Now, I was running on gel alone. Note to self Ė pack more fuel in case of these situations!

Finally, lunch! Which, to my complete horror, was oil drenched pasta, lettuce (I think it was supposed to be a Caesar salad) and brick-hard white bread. I was pissed. Slap some cold cuts on whole wheat for Peteís sake! I ate a tiny portion as I didnít want the pasta sitting in my stomach for the last 40 miles. My teammates downed two bowls each. I knew it would be a slow ride to the finish and I didnít have the heart to tell them that there was more climbing (in fact, I lied to them and said it was flat for the last 40 miles - does this make me evil?). Of course, I had no idea that we would be climbing in 85 degree heat up Casitas Pass (sp?? Ė I donít have the route slip on me at present). Normally, I wouldnít describe that hill as brutal, but considering how long weíd been out, how it had heated up, and the lack of optimal fueling, the last two climbs sucked (second one at mile 80). I was hurting, barely keeping it at 7mph in my third ring (I hit my granny a couple of times, but I really wanted to power up that puppy and not spin too much). I had to keep stopping on the hill to gather my boys which didn't help matters, but they were a little miffed with me at that point (I guess they didn't like the lie I had given). Knee guy was hurting bad (although he didnít want to admit it) and the other two were fading although giving it their best efforts (I really shouldnít have hammered us in the beginning. Iím a bad, bad girl). Fortunately, we all made it to the top and over the pass down into Santa Barbara County. Weíd been out 7.5 hours at this point. I wanted to be done and on my second beer, but we had a good 18 miles to go.

Then we ran into ďidiot guy.Ē This man had no business being out there. Nice guy, all for the cause (I applaud him), but again, hadnít ridden in six months, didnít eat breakfast (which I didnít discover until Day II when I ran into him at the hotel) and basically was severely bonking. He was weaving all over the road and could have easily been killed by an oncoming vehicle. My friend and I demanded that he pull over and dismount. He then informed me that he was asthmatic through tears and that he was dizzy and seeing spots. So, we called SAG and stayed with him for about 20 minutes to get him taken care of. Any one of us riders could bonk, and Iíve had an asthma attack that could have killed me on a ride before, so Iím completely sympathetic. But please donít take your out-of-shape a*s out on a ride and put yourself and others in peril. Know your limits, people! (Sorry, ranting).

We hammered after that to get across the finish line (roughly 4:05 p.m.) and were greeted (yet again) with the most pathetic post-meal from La Salsa. Literally, we were allowed two corn tortillas with a sprinkling of chicken, salsa, lettuce, cheese and some tortilla chips. How expensive is rice and beans, is what I want to know! Some kind folks ordered Dominos and I scored a piece of veggie pizza. My teammatesí spouses were sweethearts and had decorated our tent and brought beer and cupcakes (God love Ďem), so we just chilled out, drank a couple of beers and then back to the hotel and to bed.

100 down, 100 more to goÖ Iíll post Day II in a separate thread. Yeah, yeah, I know, I said brief. I lied.
The boys and me, ready to ride...

Party-guy and me giving and receiving a little love...

Up and around the lake (prettiest views for the day!)

Yes, we did, too, climb on up it...

Home stretch, by the ocean...

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Great report - sorry to hear that the slowpokes/out-of-shapers cramped your style a little bit - the price of being nice, I guess. Props to you for sharing your food! If I ever ride with you, I'll make sure I'm even remotely in shape, or at least not ask you to ride with me or wait for me.

Sucks to hear about the food - I've never done an organized ride, but I can imagine that good food is one of the things one should be able to look forward to following a hard day's ride . . . cut up bananas and water? Not even a sports drink?

And every time you mentioned party boy, it reminded me of that goon from Jackass that wore a pair of briefs and a bowtie and that was it - he'd go around grinding on people, dancing in public places as if he were his own portable party. I imagined someone like him on a bike . . . huffing and puffing trying to keep up with you . . .
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Nicely written....wasn't long at all, and I enjoyed it very much. Sorry to hear about the sag stops....That's too bad about the 'idiot guy' too....hope he's fully recovered by now. I recognize that scenery from Cool Breeze....

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It is fantastic.
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Great pics!

Originally Posted by merider1
He doesn't seem THAT large.
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I'm Just Sayin'.....
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wow...two people disappointed with two diferent MS rides this year...really makes a guynot want to ever do that yer guys werent prepared, nothing worse than not being able to get a rhythm going....
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Embracing the fredness
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Great report ME...sorry you had to hassle with people on the ride....

This bad sag stop stuff seems to getting a bit more common at a lot of rides....
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Great report M.E, and it just goes to show, you are a SandBagger.
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Ahhhh, that is too bad. I remember doing a charity ride once where the sponsors were not bicyclists. They just don't realize how bicyclists like to eat/drink.

Well, at least there was some scenery.
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Climbing better
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Hey M.E., I think I saw you on Saturday. We were coming down Casitas, I remember seeing some Health Net Jerseys, by the lake starting the climb on the first summit on Casitas. There were 5 of us coming down Casitas.

The ride I did on Saturday was with friends from Santa Clarita, we started in Santa Paula, rode to Ventura along Foothill, then up the 101 to Summerland where we had a late breakfast, early lunch. On the way back we took we took 150 up and over Casitas through Ojai, over Dennison's grade back to Santa Paula.

As were climbing up Casitas from the ocean side, we kept on remarking how many people were coming down and then finally noticed everybody had a number on. It wasn't until we reached the summit by the lake that we figured out it was the MS150 ride. I remember looking over at the rest stop to someone who looked like you, but they didn't have your bike. Then I was on by way downhill, and didn't think to look for you coming up. But after seeing your jersey's in your pics, I remember 3-4 people climbing up from the lake. It may have been you. Sorry I didn't say hi.

I hope Day 2 was better than Day 1 for you.
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no more nellie
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I really appreciate all of your kind comments (and, Voltman, he IS large - I was up against him! ) But let me clarify - the ride itself was fabulous and there were many other aspects that were well organized. I'm mad at myself now since I was honest about the stops. But I do NOT wish to discourage any of you from riding this event. Please, please, ride it and help raise those funds if you can. I and other riders provided feedback to Ragan, another main event organizer, and I suspect their rest stops will be overstocked next year!
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Great report m.e.

Off to read part II...
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Originally Posted by Tiffanie
Great report m.e.

Off to read part II...
+1 im off to read Part II as well - great report so far and the pics are funny the beach looks awesome too!!
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A very insightful report. By the way, I had three servings of pasta.
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Great report ME, and thanks for pointing out the things that went wrong. I'll bring up that stuff to the staff so that some positive change can happen next year.
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no more nellie
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Originally Posted by Extort
Great report ME, and thanks for pointing out the things that went wrong. I'll bring up that stuff to the staff so that some positive change can happen next year.
Thank you, Phil. You know, I've received some feedback that I focused on the negative and didn't share enough of the positive on this ride. As I welcome constructive feedback, I think I should correct this.

I intend to ride MS 150 next year. I do believe strongly in the cause and feel raising valuable funds is the focus - otherwise I wouldn't have done it. But as a cyclist on a public forum for cyclist where we share our riding experiences, I was honest in what my frustrations were. What I failed to mention, certainly in Report of Day I, were the positive things about the ride, aspects that were truly outstanding. For one thing, the gentlemen who followed us on their motorcyles both days (unbelievable SAG/driver support), the volunteers - who were always smiling, encouraging and a welcome sight, the Massage Tent at the end - a group who volunteered to massage tired riders for 20 minutes each (I'll find the card one of them gave me and re-post the name of the spa to give them ample advertising - they were wonderful!) and the other riders on the event who were inspiring - as I mention in my Day II report, there was a woman with one arm who was simply amazing. She won the most motivational rider and it was well deserved.

As I mentioned in this thread, I would never want to deter anyone from riding this event and I intend to provide further feedback to the event organizers as well. Last year's Bay-to-Bay was outstanding in every aspect. I am confident that the Santa Barbara and Bay-to-Bay will continue to host wonderful rides and we as riders can, of course, help them with this effort.
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