Hi, All -

I'm coming home to San Diego this weekend. Maybe Friday morning, and need to seriously get some ride time in before I have to hang with my neice and nephew through Sunday night.

It's been a while since I've ridden in San Diego and the only route I've ridden is the 56 bike path toward Del Mar, up PCH to Oceanside, and back to PQ.

Is anyone available to ride with me and show me something new? Now here's the kicker... I've not been on the bike for 2 months and haven't really done a hill in that same amount of time., so I'm a little slow going - prolly avg about 16-18 mph.

If anyone wants to help be my "scout" you can PM me here, or you can email me at skypp_cabanas@hotmail.com.

Thanks to anyone who'd like to ride with me!