I'm looking for a group ride or someone to ride along with during one day of the weekend in South Bay-Torrance area.
I can keep pace around 14-17mi/hr on flat and sadly 7-9mi/hr on hill (i.e. Granvia Altamira)
Thus, I was hoping to have a companion to keep pace and improve my skill.

I know alot of you at the forum are much too advance than me, but I thought I would give a shout for help to see if anyone of you would know someone that would fit the category.

I can ride in early the morning (say 6:30am or so) 'til early afternoon (around 1pm) and plan to ride between 35-50mi. I like to do some climbing and not all flat roads. By the way, I have been riding pretty much by myself, but I found it is hard to improve and easily get discourage as I see most other riders in front of my path dissapear as he/she swift away to the top of the hill. (not able to catch up is a sad feeling)

Appreciate the help.

PS- I checked the Peninsula Cycle Club already-either the wrong direction or their level of skill is way beyong me.