This Saturday at 8:30am, at UC Cyclery (San Diego - UTC; I-5 and Nobel area). 50 miles at 15mph max. 1 unwrapped toy and 2 non-perishable food items.

Linky here:

I rode it last year and it was fun. Additional info from my last year's experience which may not apply:
  • no route slip; lucky I found a group that knows the way in the area since I got dropped outbound
  • route last year was:
    -out: UC Cyclery -> southbound bike path at I-5/Gilman Dr ramp -> Old Town -> eastbound parallel to I-8 -> up one moderate duration hill -> Salvation Army building
    -back: Salvation Army building -> westbound on University Ave -> northbound parallel to I-5 -> bike path up to Gilman -> UC Cyclery
  • the main pack somehow started to cruising at 18-20mph after a little while on the outbound leg; on the return trip, it was slower so this year they may enforce their 15mph limit