Name of Ride: Gr@sshopper Gets Back
Date: May 24.
Start location: Claremont Hills Wilderness Park parking lot.
Alt: GMR Gate
Meet time: 07:00
Roll time: 07:15 (Will leave GMR gate around 0800)
Distance: 43 ish miles?
Elevation Gain: Little Help?
Difficulty Level: Little Help?
Routeslip/Ride Description/Other Details:

So this is a little early, but the lack of endorphins is already making me depressed, so I need something to look forward to.

This will be my first ride in 2 months, so the pace won't be too quick. I'll regroup at the gate, at the caltrans shed, at Baldy mtn road, and then at Claremont hills wilderness park. If you start at GMR gate, please be able to get yerself back there!

No SAG, sorry guys.

Nasty weather and/or Nasty Orthopedists will cancel.