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    Lets remember to take care of the SART - keep it clean!

    Lets remember that innertubes and wrappers do not belong on the ground!

    I'm lucky enough to be able to use a 7 mile stretch of the SART from Colton to near Riverside on my daily commute. For the most part its clean with picnic tables and trash cans every few miles. My personal hammerfest to work and back is great stress relief and I get to enjoy the sights, sounds, weather and wildlife of the area. Glad the trail is there.
    I typically do longer weekend rides on the streets but I know local clubs also use SART as a part of some routes.

    After not seeing barely a soul for the past 4 months on my daily commute the nicer weather and longer days have awakened the hybernating cyclists and I see several in the morning and afternoons.

    Unfortunately, I'm seeing trash appear as well. Foil wrappers and innertubes. Really? Are you that concerned about your "training" that you can't stuff a wrapper in your pocket or take a used tube with you?

    Now that were riding more lets remember to keep our own trails clean. Just a reminder.
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    Indeed. Noticed a few dead 700c tubes last time I was there.

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