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Bike Shipping Question... Does anyone rent the super delux cases?

I have an extended business coming up and was hoping to bring my bike along to I can still get some rides in. Does anyone know of a place that rents the nice cases - (Tri All 3 Sports Velo Safe Custom Road Bike Case - hard plastic and you dont have to disasseble your bike to fit it inside. Cost is about $550)? Or have any suggestions on getting a bike to my destination - Atlanta - without it being damaged? Thanks!
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I would go to a bike shop and ask for a bike box, the cardboard ones they receive bikes in from the manufacturers. Most shops will give you one for free. Once you have your bike and gear packed in the box, call the airline and UPS and see which one gets your bike there for less money. I'll bet it'll be UPS. Toss the box when you get there. When you're about to leave get another box from an ATL bike shop. Anybody you rent a super deluxe case from is going to be charging you for that rental the entire time you are gone, and since you said extended time, that could get expensive. That's why I suggest cardboard.

BUT, depending upon how long you will be in ATL, it may be more economical to rent a bike while you are there rather than ship yours.
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Saw this the other day and it looked REALLY interesting. They seem to have lots of options.
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I took my bike to my local bike store 3 years ago. They boxed it for me. I brought it to FEDEX, shipped it to Oklahoma. Once at the hotel I took pictures how everything was packed so I would know what to do on the return. It was shipped in a cardboard box. Was no damage to the bike and for that none to the box. I used the same box for the return. To keep weight down on the box I packed some tools in my suitcase. You don't need much for reassembly. You don't need much anyway. I would definitely do it again.
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LBS to box a bike: about $35
Fedex ground: about $80 for road bike in a cardboard box.

Other options:

buy a used or new bike at your destination, then sell it or ship it back

rent a bike at your destination

buy a folding bike to bring with you or ship out there, or else buy a folding bike out there and then bring or ship it back

find some day bike tours at your destination that include bike rental

What i did for a trip is buy a used folding bike off ebay, had it shipped to my destination. Then i unexpectedly had to have a LBS help me reassemble it becuase the seller had partially disassembled it to reduce his shipping costs. Then i left the bike with relatives for future use by me.

Since then i have shopped for new folding bikes. THe good ones fold more compact than the one i got used (but cheap) so i now realize if i buy a good new folding bike i can take it with me and bring it back, on a trip. (You can check it on a plane, in a case or fedex it to/from.) I have test ridden some of these new good folding bikes and they would meet my needs to bike on a trip. I am not too particular with bikes especially on a trip but I test road a $2000 TERN folding bike that is a good road type bike so if you are able and willing to invest the money in an expensive folding bike you can get very close to a full size modern road bike experience. A $600-900 Dahon is pretty good too.

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Posts: 130 is good and their special box only requires you to remove the front wheel--I know folks who have used them, but I never have.

I usually rent a plastic case from Bicycle John's in Burbank for $65 a week and take it on the plane. Cost $50 each way with most airlines, but with a couple of tools I can put my bike back together in about 15 minutes. Usually have to remove bars and stem (but leave all cables intact, of course) and then I remove the seat and post (together), and undo the the rear derailleur hanger and cable tie the unit it to the frame. All the parts go into the box, along with tools, pump, helmet, extra towels and rags. Reasonable for a trip longer than a few days, and it's cheaper than renting a good quality CF roadbike.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The case I was hoping to find to rent is the Velo Safe, simply pull off the wheels and you are good to go.
I travel a few times a year, but it's still hard to justify the $500+ price... But it beats the alternative of the spin bikes at the hotel.
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