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Santa Monica to West Hollywood via Santa Monica Blvd?

Hi, LA peeps. I will be touring this spring from SF to LA, and staying at a friend's place in West Hollywood. Once I hit Santa Monica, riding up Santa Monica Blvd is the most direct route to WeHo, but is it bike-friendly? Is there a better route?

Also, I'll be taking the Amtrak home, so can anyone recommend a good bike route from Weho to Union Station?

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Will you be going to north or south Santa Monica? In south Santa Monica I'd pick up Venice Blvd since it has more of a continuous bike lane than Santa Monica Blvd (at least according to Google Maps.) But then once you get past Culver City it doesn't look like there are any north/south streets with bike lanes so I'm not sure there's a route with continuos bike lane access. There's somebody in the commuter forum that commutes from Silver Lake to Santa Monica so maybe they would have a better suggestion.

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You can probably just take sunset all the way to down town... alternately, hop on the light rail, which will take you directly to Union Station.

The first part of sunset doesn't explicitly have bike lanes but the second part does. It was part of the LA Fun Ride last year. we had cops limiting our ability to go faster than 10 mph, it was excruciating.
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Its up to you. I usually go down Broadway and it ends at SM Blvd. Only problem is the 405 freeway underpass but outside of rush hour, the cars are pretty good about you taking the lane. No bike lane from Broadway until you pass the freeway, then you can wind it out in the bike lane. Only one hill at Century City, then the road splits (stay to the right). And its your choice which road to take to get to West Hollywood once you get to Wilshire Blvd.
I ride Olympic Blvd to go downtown. No bike lanes but the street is wide and smoother than other streets. Never had a problem. Go up Figueroa (north) to Sunset/Cesar Chavez and go east to Alameda. Turn right and Union station is a block or two away. Sidewalk is safer and smoother.

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I'm probably the guy who was mentioned who commutes from Silver Lake to Santa Monica, cause I do. I go from Santa Monica to West Hollywood and beyond almost everyday.

Lots of people do it via Santa Monica the whole way, but its not the friendliest. If you are carrying a load and not keeping a quick pace, I'd just take an alternate route that I'll detail below.

Here is the route I'd suggest. It is one of the routes I take.

1) When turning from Sepulveda to Santa Monica Blvd, at around mile 4. It is a large intersection with a left turn lane. Depending on my mood, I'll cross over the left(east) side walk when I get closer to Santa Monica Blvd and then just cross via the crosswalk instead of via the left turn lane. Less of a hassle than waiting in the middle of the intersection or behind 10 cars to make a left turn.
2) Right around mile 6 on Santa Monica Blvd in Century City, it is 4 lanes of high speed traffic and you need to make a left across it all. I merge over into the bus only lane and take that. I know some people will cross via a cross walk and then ride the wide sidewalk/path along the left side of the road.
3) Once you hit Beverly Hills all semblance of bike friendly goes out the window. You can continue straight on Santa Monica at this point, which I'd done hundreds of times, but its not fun, or can cut onto Merv Griffen Way right after the bus lane spits you back out onto Santa Monica Blvd and follow the route on the map to Carmelita Ave. This is a nice wide slow residential street that runs of the length of Beverly Hills. Lots of stop signs, but no real worries. (besides an overzealous BHPD officer for rolling stops.)

Once you are into West Hollywood there is a bike lane, its right next to lots of parked cars and backed up traffic so it can get dicey from people not paying attention, but its usually pretty slow traffic due to congestion.

Depending on when you get into town and would be riding that way, I'd be happy to ride along with you if our times matched up.

RE: Weho to Union Station.
I'd take Willoughby Ave to Vine, and then turn left to N Arden Blvd. to 4th St. to New Hampshire to 7th St to Main which takes you to Union Station. Or you can jump on the subway earlier than that and take it there.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions on it.
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Thanks to everyone for the replies, and thanks especially to weshigh for the amazing route planning. I'll be printing this out and adding it to my collection of maps. This will be most helpful.
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I'd like to throw out a thank you too. I live in the valley and am trying to do 10-30 miles before heading home from west LA, so I am going to use your map to skip the sepulveda bus (761) because it runs very infrequently and it is difficult to find a bus with a bike rack spot, so I am going to simply bike to the hollywood/vine red line and take that over the hill. thanks!
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