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    Road Bike Rental and Route advice for Santa Monica


    If anyone could help me with the following I'd really appreciate it:

    I'm visiting from San Francisco and will be staying in Santa Monica (Sheraton - 530 Pico Blvd) this weekend and was hoping to get up early Monday morning and go for a ride. I'm training for a hilly double century at the end of April.

    Any recommendations on where to rent a nice road bike?

    I'd like to ride for maybe 5 hours and if possible get some descent climbing in. Ideally not too much traffic. I'd prefer to ride from the hotel rather than drive somewhere. Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Found this on..well....somewhere else. May be old info, too. But, it's a starting point.

    Bike Attack = $50/day. No multi-day discounts. Sounds like they have few bikes for rent, so plan ahead and make sure they have your size. Staffer said they rent high-end bikes that would retail for $2K or more.
    Helen's Cycles = $65/day Maybe possibility of multi-day discounts. Lots of different sizes; renting Canondale bikes CAAD aluminum frames (their affordable aluminum model)
    Spokes n' Stuff = $30/day for road bikes but these guys don't seem very knowledgeable about bikes and don't even know what model road bikes they have (maybe something from KHS, they guessed?). English speaking ability was marginal at best. However, a competing shop that does not rent bikes said they "aren't the sharpest tools in the shed" but that they do have road bikes and that they maintain their rental fleet fairly well. Maybe worth popping your head in to check them out? Sounds like it is mostly a beach cruiser type of shop with a couple road bikes on the side.
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    If you want to splurge and spend $100 renting a carbon fiber Specialized there's:

    See this recent thread for Santa Monica mountain routes:

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    Peter, It is too bad you are not in South Orange County. I have been renting a small fleet of Cannondales to people just like you, and I give discounts to forumites. This afternoon (Saturday) I am also leading a 4 hour hilly tour that you would be welcomed to join. The link is in my signature.

    I place of that, though, I think Helens Cycles in Santa Monica rents some pretty nice bikes. Give them a call and they can hook you up.

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