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    I-5 curtain casualty

    Anyone else fall, had collision, or other calamity because of the I-5 construction in the SF Springs area?

    I really like to head north from East LB to ride the hill country and this involves crossing the I-5. As of 3 weeks ago, the
    I-5 curtain is almost as good as closed, with only the Carmenita bridge still open. Shoemaker bridge is closed,
    Alondra (bridge) is closed from Marquadt to Freeway Dr, CC trail is closed, and Valley View is cluttered
    with closed lanes and general trouble.

    Floyd Landis Injury
    this is the famous Fx hip he suffered on a training ride in 2003, and didn't fix till after he won the 2006 TdF.

    He did have a temporary repair via `fixation with 3 cannulated screws`. This is what I had done after I fell in
    February. I was in Hospital for 48 hours to have the above surgery. I had a solo wreck crossing the I-5 curtain when the front
    tire slipped out on some muddy pavement. I was rotated left and landed square on my side. Besides the Fx hip, I suffered only a little rash on my elbow and
    both shins had bumps where I hit handlebars.

    Paramedics were kind and saved all my gear except my Nashbar Bib Knickers, sliced with forceps. They were nice enough to learn
    how to remove my Sidi Ergo 2 shoes (whew).

    Ambulance ride was billed at $1400 and they brought along my undamaged bike. The only way to tell I had a fall was all the
    tan mud splattered on my clothes and bike.

    They took me to Downey K__s_r where ER diagnosed the injury within 30 minutes (very impressive). I was admitted and scheduled
    for surgery the next day.
    I fell on the end of a 44 mile climb fest and easily had a 2500 calorie deficit working. Nobody would listen to me and
    no solid food was offered. The early blood tests showed elevated ketones, which indicates starvation. Me and my
    Orthopedic Doctor had a nice laugh over that at the first follow up office visit.

    This hospital is not used to a 56 yo male with a resting HR<45, giving me 3 EKG tests. I finally gave them
    the third-degree-411 about `sinus bradycardia`as normal for an experienced aerobic athlete. Even more, they are
    not used to lectures from patients. I countered that maybe if I had a couple of nice meals my pulse would rise -- no luck.

    While waiting for surgery the Physician's Assistant explained the
    injury (Garden stage 1, transcervical Femoral Neck Fracture, without displacement) and any possible
    complications of surgery. I really wasn't interested with the details - my main concern was that
    my leg length would still match after surgery.

    The scary consequence is AVN, suffered by Landis, who finally after 3 years had a THR, or maybe a BHR. AVN kicks in if the capillary blood flow is never
    restored in femoral neck. You can read all about it. I am now 9 weeks out after surgery and only now can I throw the terminology around.

    My milestones:
    PT - day after surgery
    Walker for 5 days.
    Single crutch for 25 days
    On the bike for easy spinning around home streets after 31 days
    6 weeks returned to normal road rides at 30+ miles
    8 weeks finally could mount bike normally with all the weight on my repaired leg.
    9 weeks - the repaired leg is feeling healed after rides and I tend to forget about the injury

    Still can't walk smoothly without a limp.
    I tend to get very stiff on days when I don't ride and that is in both legs. I never remember this trouble before crashing.

    I have a feeling that a Fx hip is really a ho-hum injury for most riders. I never heard of the repair method until 3 months ago and
    then never thought it would happen to me.
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    That sucks - hope you get feeling better.

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    I'm glad to read that you are doing better... keep going!

    Quote Originally Posted by marquhar View Post
    ...This hospital is not used to a 56 yo male with a resting HR<45, giving me 3 EKG tests.
    I'm quite proud to say that I got the third degree about the same thing during my last annual physical. The EKG tech who had been very up-beat became very serious and asked me if I was feeling alright. He told me that their protocol was to send anyone with a a resting heart rate under 50 to Urgent Care. I explained that I was a serious bicyclist and the low heart rate was normal for me. He suggested again that I go to Urgent Care but relaxed after I politely refused. This is what they call a "Champagne Problem"
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    Looks like you are healing well. I think Bo Jackson had to quit football because of the same kind of injury (or was it healing issues;re insufficient blood flow to the injury site?).

    Anyway, glad you are doing well!


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