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    Millar Ranch Rd - San Diego - to the top of Mt. San Miguel

    Hey all - Has anyone ever tried to ride to the top of Mt. San Miguel on Millar Ranch Rd? I've been scoping it out on Google Earth and it looks like a lot of fun (+2000ft in <5mi!). It appears to be closed to motor vehicles (which makes sense), but I was wondering if cyclists were welcome. I know that you can walk up to the top from a trail that is on the south side, so it's obviously not an issue for the public to be up there. Anybody know what's up with on the cycling front? Thanks!

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    no idea but i hafta imagine it's trespassing. moved down to chula vista in 2000 and immediately wanted to get to the top of mt. san miguel
    because of its' obvious siren song nature. hiked it from the jamul/east side through never-ending scrub brush/chapparal and finally summited.
    wasn't worth the effort. took the paved road to/from the summit on the way back down because i was over getting scratched up all over again.
    seem to recall a litany of no trespassing signs posted along the road. i suppose there's only one way to find out but the descent would be a total
    brake-grab fest if you were able to slip past a gate somehow. if memory serves, the grade seemed super-constant on the road and seemed like
    it was around 10%.
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    I see on Strava that it's been ridden a number of times. Tellingly, the segment is called Forbidden by Uncle Sam. I don't know it all; sounds like it is a US facility?
    Google maps shows no gate off of Campo road, but can't see any further.

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