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    Velo Allegro NYD Ride 2014

    Website announced ride to start at 8am.

    Left the house at 7:25 and rode the 5.5 miles to where PCH meets the lower SGRT. Only 2 other riders were in the area with 10 minutes to go (7:50). I had time to prep my bike, eat some, so except for some low clouds and moisture it looked like a good start for a 60+ mile ride. The tide was very high, washing out the bike path underneath the PCH bridge over the bike trail.

    The huge pack (200+) showed up on time. Got into the pack at SB/Main Street. I had decided to wear my glasses knowing that any low clouds and moisture will render them useless. For the first 4 miles I was coping OK. Only parked cars posed a problem as riders had to quickly adjust their position.

    As we rode past 'Don the Beachcomber' and entered Sunset Beach, the light went red at Anderson, but the pack went through with shouts of 'Rolling!'. Most riders had little braking power due to wetness in the air. The Fog suddenly got very thick and darkness replaced the morning light, and I got the sudden feeling of defeat. I had to stop and put the glasses away and check out the bike.

    Across the street at the kayak rentals in Huntington Harbor, there was a work crew assessing the cresting water from the high tide. Water had just begun to slowly spill out onto the highway.

    After only 3.5 miles in the peloton I called it quits and turned around. Last year, although I missed the main group, I still did 55 miles on NYD, riding to Laguna Plaza and turning around there, where I returned with a Velo Allegro B group.

    Below are some photos taken on return trip starting at the lower SGRT. The high tide surged all the way up to the bridge where the SGRT forks to Coyote Creek and beyond. Photo #3 is the normal fresh/saltwater boundary. There was 10+ feet of water where there is usually none.
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