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    looking for serious early morning bike riders (I.B. & Chula Vista)

    I have the coolest bike route in south county that I like to ride. It is apx. 27 miles.
    The first half is street, and the second half is trails. The trails aren't that technical, but there are some bumpy 4x4 jeep roads involved. I ride the ride on a skinny tire hybrid without suspension, but a mountain bike is better, especially if you don't have a lot of experience with riding dirt on a hyrbrid. On the other hand, if you do have experience with that, then your hybrid will be fine. The route can be seen in the attached graphic.

    This ride rocks for three reasons:

    1. It is a great workout. We can ride as hard as you want and research shows that long endurance rides like this are great for fat burning and/or keeping fat off. It is also great for building and maintaining endurance.

    2. Very few people know the route. You would be part of an exclusive few.

    3. If we go early enough we can see coyotes, owls, and other wildlife.

    I like to ride it in about 2hrs. and 50min. My friends take 4-5 hours to do it, but they are not bike riders. I am not at the 2 1/2 hour level yet, but if that is your motivation, I could be there in two or three weeks. Furthermore, if you are super serious, I am pretty sure it could be done in 2 hours with a little bit of effort and training. Maybe you are already there? If that is your motivation, I will train to accomodate for that.
    I am not saying that we have to do it that fast, but I would like to find somebody that is not afraid to pedal hard. In other words, this is a bike ride for people who like exercize and like to ride.

    A little about me: I am from Colorado and have lived in San Diego since 97 but have lived part time in Bolivia since 2008. In Bolivia I have worked part time as a downhill and cross country mountain bike guide. So, if this kind of ride is new to you, I can accomodate.

    The ideal rider for this ride would be motivated and be okay with early mornings. The earlier the better. I have left as early as 3:30am before (although I guess that is a bit extreme).
    If you like the ride we could turn it into a routine. I would love to do this regularly.
    If you only want to ride it once or a couple of times that is fine too.
    No beach cruisers, street bars, or single speeds. Like I said, I ride it with a hybrid. However full street tires are not advised. You will also need some lights. I prefer to ride with people who wear a helmet.

    In short, if you like more than just pavement, if you can get up early, if you like to pedal pedal pedal, and if you want to ride the coolest ride in all of south county, then get ahold of me.

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