Hello, I am trying to elongate the straps on a bib shorts by about two inches or so on both sides. It is a pair of Assos bib shorts that I have had for about six years or so, but only wore a couple of times because the straps are just a tad short. I got the idea from reading in Bike Forums that bib shorts straps can be elongated with the right material by a knowledgeable tailor. I have tried three tailors here in OC, but each of them said they do not have the appropriate sewing machine to do the job.

I have found a piece of material that can be used to elongate the straps, but now have to find a tailor/alteration specialist with the appropriate machinery and skill.

Does anyone know such a tailor/alteration specialist in central OC? I mean all the way from Anaheim to Lake Forest length-wise, including Westminster to Tustin breadth-wise.

As always, thanks for all responses.