Tandem Bicycle

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Tandem bicycle for sale. Good condition -- asking $700. Bike is currently hanging up in the hallway, so photos were taken from an odd angle and I couldn't get the whole bike in the picture. If interested please contact me for more information. You are welcome to take it for a trial ride -- bike is located 1 block from the bike path in Northampton.

The bike is a San Rancho, in Japanese the 3 is the word San. It's got a light frame. It can be ridden comfortably with someone as short as 5' 7' up front and I'm 5 6 and comfortable in back. The handlebars would need to be raised in back for a much taller person. It has racing tires on it, gearing that works, sleek and smooth riding. It is not a touring bike.

Thanks for reading.
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