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    Badger vertical bike rack?

    I don't have a tandem--it's actually an Easyracers EZ-1 which is a fairly long, quite heavy "recumbent" with a seat and seatback that are about 18 inches wide--but I thought I'd ask here, too. I'm trying to figure out how to carry the thing on my new Toyota Prius. I learned the hard way on my last car that I am not strong enough to lift the thing car-roof high, and it's a struggle even with two people.

    Toyota doesn't want people towing with the Prius and there's no official hitch receiver, but an outfit called Coastaletech sells one that they swear bolts into existing holes.

    I'm thinking very seriously of installing one and using the Badger vertical bike rack:, probably the tilt-mount.

    Has anyone had any experience with these things?

    Does anyone understand what's different between the "tandem" and "recumbent" models? (Yes, I'm going to call them... they don't have an email address and it's too early to call California right now!)

    Could you look at picture of the EZ-1, and tell me whether there are any obvious problems with carrying that thing on the Badger rack? Ditto the Giant Revive DX, ...
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    Please continue the discussion in this thread:

    Badger vertical bike rack?

    This thread is now closed.

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