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    Our new baby is on its way!!!!!!


    Our new Mtb Tandem is on its way. (see pic included) We bought a Omega Venturo. It is specced with Shimano Deore and Shimano Hollowcranks. The wheelset is standard Mtb (will upgrade later) and the front fork is not really what i wanted but this is first on the upgrade list. For now we do not intend to do any offroad .... there are still to many unexploded landmines in Mozambique!!!!!. We paid the equavalent of $ 1330-00 in ZAR. For now it will suit us fine on the potholed tar roads of Mozambique. At least we can start training together again. The frame is 7005 Aluminium and most likely of Taiwanese origen. We will get a suspension seatpost for M.

    We will be flying out to South Africa soon and I will then get all the nice bits and goodies to hang on the bike. It was loaded on the truck this morning and the trip through the bush will last untill Saturday. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

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    Congratulations Big H on the new aquisition!
    How's the road project coming along in Mozambique?
    Beste groeten van . . .
    Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

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