I am looking for my first tandem. I thought the best way to start is to look for a used one. I found the following bike.

The bike is about 7 years old, it's a Gary Fisher Gemini, black with speckles.
Most of the components have been upgraded from the original parts. Rock Shox
DH fork, Thompson seat posts and stem, new chain rings, chains, Grip Shift
shifters, Ahead set, new wheels (Black, Ryno Lite and Shimano, new 8 speed
cogset) new tires and tubes. Also included are a adjustable reach stoker
stem, rigid fork, stoker handle bars, quill stem. The tires can be changed
depending on what kind of riding the buyer will do. We used it on and off
road and I'd swap tires. The tires on now are good for light off road/packed
trail use and would be okay for on road riding, although slicks are better.

The price is $1100. What do you think. I plan on using it for road and light fire roads.