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    Out if the saddle riding - smoothly

    I would really appreciate some tips on how to polish our out of the saddle riding style..

    I ride in a very competitive league and we are doing well but our OOS is just not smooth enough and I feel we could do better when jumping etc if we were more in sync.

    Are there any things I can focus on as stoker to help me follow my pilot's rhythm ?

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Being a stoker, I can relate to your problem. I have found that the easiest way for me to do it, is to stand Vertical, and tilted forward. The Arms I keep very loose, and still stay upright. I let the pilot put his body and arm movement into the side to side movement of the Tandem. This means that I have to lower my torso by tilting forward. However- On my spinning classes, They were teaching us a method of OOS pedalling that works when I am on my solo. The bike does not sway as much and seems to be a lot smoother. Very easy to learn this on a Bike that is tied to the floor, but how to get my pilot to learn it is beyond me.

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