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    I've been holding this for a week or so and got the OK to post it about the same time that Mr. Bill posted it to the Hobbes list. My apologies to those who lurk on both lists, but for those who don't often hear from Bill at Santana here is a very well worded product notice on what's new at Santana for '06 with the preamble used on his post to Hobbes. Note: I have no commercial interest in Santana or any other builder.

    After hearing a report from someone who toured our display at
    Interbike, [tandemgeek] sent an e-mail asking for some
    clarifications. After writing the following for him, I decided some of
    the rest of you might be interested.

    New Disc:

    Following 18 months of intense testing and development, at Interbike
    Santana displayed a new tandem-specific mechanical disc brake. Made
    exclusively for Santana by Winzip, this brake has a uniqued design that
    provides hydraulic-like efficiency without complicated maintenance or
    messy fluid. Specifically, unlike every other mechanical disc caliper,
    with Winzip's patented mechanism BOTH pads move (with every other
    mechanical disc, braking is produced when the one moving pad warps the
    disc up against opposing fixed pad). As a result, this disc is (1) more
    efficient, (2) more powerful and (3) easier to adjust than all previous
    mechanical discs. Virtually maintenance free, Santana's new tandem disc
    brake uses standard cables, mounting brackets, and Shimano dimension

    Because our new disc caliper uses the same "international" mounting
    points as Avid, Formula, Hayes and Shimano, owners of those brakes can
    easily get better braking by bolting-on this more-powerful caliper.
    Additionally, owners of tandems with the Hayes-style chainstay brake
    braze-ons (standard on every Santana since 2000) can purchase a new
    bracket to combine this tandem-specific caliper with our 10-inch rotor.
    As compared to a single bike's 8-inch rotor, this tandem-sized rotor
    reduces fade and increases stopping power by an additional 29%.

    And while a disc with this much power and heat capacity may render the
    whole notion of a "drag brake" obsolete (does anyone have a drag brake
    on their single?), this is also the first disc that is approved for
    continuous use. So if you want to operate it with a set-n-forget shift
    lever, be our guest. Is this brake heavy? No, with a caliper weight of
    just 200 grams, these brakes set a new power-to-weight benchmark.

    New Drivetrain:

    Also on display at Interbike was Santana's new "Perfect-10" drivetrain
    that combines Ultegra-30 controls with a tandem-specific Mega-10
    cassette. Compared to the best previous 12-27 cassettes, our exclusive
    11-34 shifts faster and has tighter mid-range gear spacing. With
    controls and a front derailleur that is head and shoulders above
    Shimano's previous generation of Ultegra (or even Dura-Ace), Santana
    guarantees that tandem enthusiasts who experience "Perfect-10" for 30
    days will like it better than Campy. If not, they can return the
    Perfect-10 pieces and we'll supply "Campy for Free."

    Columbus Spirit-Niobium tubing:

    Developed for the automotive industry, the newest Mercedes and BMW
    sedans come with 4 of these these high strength tubes---one in each
    door. Because Niobium steel is strong without being brittle, these
    lightweight tubes protect occupants from errant SUV's by absorbing
    energy that would fold or snap a heavier steel tube. When drawn into
    double butted sections for bikes, the unprecedented thin sections (as
    thin as .3mm) can be built into steel frames that mimic the weight of
    aluminum and the ride quality of titanium. As compared to the finest
    chrome-moly, these thinner and lighter tubes also have greater dent
    resistance! One year ago Columbus chose Santana and Serotta to
    introduce these tubes to American enthusiasts. After a year of working
    with this new alloy, we have not discovered a single drawback.
    Santana's Niobium tubes are drawn to tandem-specific diameters, lengths
    and gauges---including custom tubes that are properly butted for use
    with our exclusive weldable stainless-steel S&S couplers.

    Easton Scandium tubing:

    Also intro'd at last year's Interbike, Scandium does for aluminum what
    Niobium does for steel. By adding this rare alloying agent and then
    drawing larger tubes to thinner gauges, the resulting aluminum tandem
    frame is stiffer, more comfortable and 1.3 pounds lighter---all while
    being tougher to dent! Warning, because you can't trademark an element,
    anyone can legally tack the word "Scandium" onto a generic aluminum
    tubeset. Easton, however, is the only company with sufficient
    quantities of this rare element to produce "real" scandium alloy tubes.
    Santana is the only company building tandems with Easton's premium
    aluminum alloy. As is the case with Columbus' Niobium, with each
    passing day we become more convinced that Easton's Scandium is a
    superior choice for tandem enthusiasts. (And if you'd rather obtain
    your ultimate steel or aluminum tandem from another framebuilder, we're
    happy to supply tubesets from our inventory).

    If your builder is certified by S&S, we can also supply properly
    dimensioned stainless or aluminum couplers; including our new oval
    aluminum coupler that fits our larger Easton Scandium oval bottom tube.

    Lighter Sweet-16 wheelsets:

    The fastest wheels in tandeming are now 150 grams lighter. Reliability?
    Unlike other low-spoke tandem wheels, these 16-spoke beauties are
    rugged enough for years of everyday use. Current record? 12,000 miles
    of troublefree reliability. Like all of our tandem wheels, the Shimano
    Sweet-16s now come with a two year performance warranty that has no
    restrictions for tandem weight or use.

    Bill McCready
    Santana Cycles, Inc.

    PS: Further details for all of the above items (and a whole lot more)
    can be found in the latest issue of Tandems & Tandeming (being mailed
    late this week). To get a free subscription, simply supply your names
    (tandem partner too), home mailing address and the brand and model of
    tandem you currently own (if any) by phone, (800) 334-6136, fax (909)
    596-5853 or e-mail Because we won't share your
    personal info, your free subscription will only cause you to receive
    tandem-specific junk mail.
    Note: Santana prefers that any quotes be taken directly and in context from their postings and not paraphrased or otherwise editorialized. Please keep that in mind if you feel compelled to requote from here or the Hobbes list.
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    We had a half hour chat with Mr. McC at Interbike; this pretty well covers it . . .plus a few other things we talked about.
    We go back to first meeting him at the Kangaroo Baggs Rally in CA In '78 where he was walking around checking out the other tandems there . . . we were then riding a 34-pound custom Assenmacher. He was sort of skeptical about how it would hold up; however we only rode it for 64,000 miles before we sold it and . . .almost got original investment back!

    Pedal on TWOgether!
    Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

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    Dear TG,

    Was interested in your posting about 2006 Santana innovations. What's "Hobbes"?


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    Only one thought on that! A 10" disc!!!!!. No wonder those brakes work. I know the difference I felt with the Hope Monos when I tried two identical solos with the Hopes. One had 7" discs and one had 8". The 7" were good, but I went for the 8" on the Tandem. Even now I feel that 8" are a bit too strong and it is only the feel and Modulation that we have on the Hydraulic system, that makes this bike a joy to ride. Start putting a 10" on our tandem and Tyres would not last long. And skid marks on the trail are easy enoughat present so stronger brakes? No thanks.

    Only a thought but worth thinking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayB
    Was interested in your posting about 2006 Santana innovations. What's "Hobbes"?
    More info can be found on my Website:

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