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    so i have this silly idea of making a "Serious" full suspension Mountain tandem,,In the Long term i want to make my own design to run a G-boxx gearbox sistem (later generation I guess) and I think I develope a even simpler sistem than the davinci design to run diferent pedal cadences,,,(again stage two)

    anyway yesterday a friend Call me from Germany and offer me a deal I can just not pass out on Another M-pire Frame, even if I already have one of them at home...

    well anyway in a few days one of this mega monster downhill bikes will be coming to my house

    NIne inches of fully adjustable rear suspension, that I can control from about 5" to 9" and also raise and drop the bottom bracket height from 12" to about 15".

    165MM wide rear spacing, absolutlly rigid and Bulletproff.

    The heart of the monster, a single pivot design with a exelent linkage that makes the bike pedals like she was a 5" travel bike

    anyway I have two choices, I can use the swingarm and linkages of the Nicolai and make my own Tandem frame (not much of a problem if is made of Cro-molly, that is part of what I do for my business) and with a little more efford I can get easton tubes and make the frame,, but what is the fun in that..

    the Option number two is to "SomeHow" Attach the Whole Nicolai M-pire to a "PIggyback" Frame that will accept and secure the Nicolai frame with out any drilling, damaging or disabling the frame as a single bike, after all you can buy a nice motorcycle with the amount of money one of this Pretty things cost..

    Yes... I see the tandem frames ussing S&S couplers that can be use a single, but I'm thinking and wondering about a design, that will let me attache the WHole Nicolai frame at the head tube of the Nicolai to the "Tandem" frame plus the necesary downtube mounts to act as a "Boom Tube" to generate suffient rigidity...

    so the question is.....
    anybody ever see a Single bike that can be attache to a "specific" made frame to make it into a tandem...?

    I'm sure is being done,,, maybe never for a full downhill bike, but i be surprise if I'm the first person that ever come up with such a "Stupid" idea, (Hopefully in a Good way)

    thanks in advance .

    I'm looking for Links, pictures,, etc even inteligent arguments about the DO's and the Don't..

    Thanks Ricky
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    Bike Friday makes a tandem that's convertible into a single road bike. Slightly less extreme though than your plan

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