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    Co-Motion at CCTR and NWTR

    Hi Gang,

    We'll be at NWTR (Northwest Tandem Rally) of course, as we have made it a habit since debuting our
    Double Espresso tandem in 1988. This year, we'll be pushing the envelope
    once more with some exciting and hot looking new(!) bicycles that will
    surely pique your interest.

    Come and say hello at the mini-expo on Saturday. Clay Lundgren and Dwan Shepard will be reprensenting Co-Motion, and we're looking forward to seeing scores of Co-Motion riders and many
    friends in Corvallis.

    By the way, anyone driving though Eugene on the way to NWTR who would like
    a tour of our shop is welcome. Please give us a call so we can know when to
    expect you. Directions can be found on our website:

    Also, I want to put out a reminder that the 5th edition of our annual
    Co-Motion Classic Tandem Stage Race is only 27 days away! Early
    registrations have been strong this year, alweays helpful. If you've been
    thinking of registering, please let us know, it really helps us firm up
    plans. If you race tandem, or have ever consdidered racing a tandem, there's
    no better or bigger tandem race. A lot of teams who say you're tandem racers
    have never been here. Hmm....

    Last year, we introduced a family class to our tandem race, primarily for
    parents with a child stoker, or pure neophytes to racing. The kids, riding
    their little hearts out on their PeriScopes or child stoker kits (we welcome
    trail-a-bikes too) add a beautiful element to our event, and we hope with
    your help we'll continue to grow family participation.

    Best regards,
    Kent Peterson
    Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs

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    I'd love to enter the family class race at some point. What a hoot that would be! However, I just won't be able to make an opposite coast trip at this time. I'll keep it in mind for when we have some extra cash to fund a trip out your way. Hmm, maybe even to pick up a bike from you all.

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