My wife and I completed our first ever group ride this past Saturday. There were 3 distance options and we decided to go for the 50 mile route. The most we had done on a weekend ride was 35 miles.

The ride was great and was well supported by the local Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club. The Rollin' Round the River Ride is a bike ride to benefit the Wilkes County Special Olympics cycling team. Member Chris Clarida won a gold medal and two silver medals in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Dublin, Ireland in June, 2003. (Chris was one of the riders participating Saturday)

We were the only tandem team participating and even had a line of 4-5 singles drafting us for about 15 minutes or so until we hit the 3rd or 4th hill and slowed down a bit too much for them.

Anyway, we were well pleased with our accomplishment considering we just picked up the tandem over the winter and started riding just this past May.

I encourage anyone, no matter what your skill level is, to participate on these group rides. They are loads of fun, you get to meet plenty of nice folks (most who are curious about how the tandem rides), and you get to see plenty of new scenery.