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    Alternative methods of mounting stoker bars

    I am looking for alternative ways to mount the stoker bars to accomdate a really short captain.

    Here is the deal, we are conducting a training study in my lab to examine the effects of high rate cyclical exercise on Parkinson's motor symptoms. Bike is on rollers (front wheel in a fork mount) so no balance issues. The patient will be in the stoker position while my able bodied post-doc, who is shorter than I thought, will be in the captain position. Many of the patients we are testing will be about her height so we can't just swap positions.

    My post-doc can fit in the captain position if we remove the stoker stem from the capt. seatpost. Any suggestions as to alternatives to mounting the stoker stem?

    I know, get a smaller tandem. Budget restrictions prevent that acquisition.


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    Since this is stationary and in the lab, you might be able to mount them to something, that is not even attached to the bike.
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