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    FAQ about Tandems

    I think it would be nice for new Tandem Teams, or wanna be Tandem Teams if we had a thread that answered many of the "just starting out" questions. Some new teams might not be familiar with the search function or might be hesitant to ask a question for whatever reason. If we can gather enough information in one spot, possibly we can petition for it to become a "Sticky".

    There are so many common questions, a few that come to mind are
    "How much is this tandem worth?"
    "Where do I buy a new tandem"
    "How do I start"

    How about it? Post a question, or post an question with the answer, or a link to where you have answered it in the past.

    I'll start by giving links to some of the sites that my wife and I studied prior to becoming joining the tandem club.

    The Proper Method by Bill McCready

    Essential Information for First Time Tandem Buyers & Riders (Part of Tandemgeeks site)

    Sheldon Brown

    There are many more but this is where we started about 3 years ago.


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    I'd vote for:

    - Zona's recent thread on the magazines. Good info and history peppered throughout that thread.
    - An IP, OOP discussion thread
    - An S&S thread
    - A links thread (maybe extend the magazine thread)

    Potential other sticky's
    - A climbing thread
    - A fit thread
    - A wheelset thread
    - An Independent pedaling thread
    - A rally/tour thread (especially geeks recent one regarding tactics to successfully enter popular rallies)

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