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    Cyclocross fork on a Tandem?

    I am looking to upgrade my cannondale tandem to a carbon fork. I can get an Easton X90 or and X70 cyclocross fork at a good price. Would either of these forks be strong enough for a tandem? What other issues I should consider?

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    Easton-Bell Customer service: 1-800-776-5677 or 1-800-969-4476

    Call Easton and ask for tech support... Tell them what your intended use is for their products and ask them if they would be safe to use for that application.

    Other issues if they indicate that this fork is strong enough would be the fork rake at 45mm. Assuming this is for a stock Cannondale RT (road tandem), Cannondale's road fork uses a rake of 53mm. Going to the X90's 45mm of rake would significantly change the way your tandem steers and handles. Some, well actually most, would characterize it as more "racy" or "twitchy at slow speeds". Not a good change for very large teams, someone with stokids, or who has a stoker that moves around a lot.

    Didn't see any specs for an X70 fork, just EC 70 road forks.
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