Thanks to everybody who responded to my noise questions. I decided to take a look at the pawls in my Hadley hub. I have to say the hub is remarkabley well designed. It only took two 5mm allen wrenches and seconds to take it apart and get to the pawls. The pawls looked dry and they were sticking. I flushed it with WD40 and a lot of rust colored stuff came out. I had to do this several times before the rust diminshed. I lubed the pawls and threw it back together. Yesterday we went for a hilly ride and the noise was absolutely gone.

I also scrubbed the front rim using alcohol and steel wheel. A lot of black gunk came off. I was suprised to find the rim surface actually worn down and pitted. After that the brakes still squealed and I decided to position the brake pads back to flat against the rim instead of toed in and that pretty much got rid of the noise. The grabbing problem I was having seems to have gone away too.