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    kid stoker on a softride

    Can a 4'10" kid be fitted to a small frame tandem bike (meridian) that has a soft ride. Can you attach a childstoker kit to a frame that has a softride option only. What kind of versitility do you have height wise with a soft ride for the stoker position? Any who has had experience with this please help me out!

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    My stoker fit OK on a Burley tandem small frame with Softride beam and she is 4' 10 3/4" tall.
    You cannot attach a child stoker kit to a Softride beam tandem.
    At least 2+ inches of up/down adjustability with a Softride beam. Also for reach, the saddle mount can be scooted forward/backward on the beam for more adjustability + by saddle rails too. Softride also used to sell a 'riser adaptor' that would raise saddle on the beam height another inch.
    While beam height may look a bit high, when stoker sits on beam/saddle, the c/f beams goes down a bit.This of course varies as to the stoker's weight. If I recall correctly, beam for on road use, is rated at about 190 lbs. Best suspension system for stoker, in our opinion/experience.
    Depending on child's leg length at 4'10" it may fit just fine. Another solution if reach to pedals is a bit much, build up the pedals temporarily with wood blocks or spend some $$ and buy crank shorteners/adaptors. You *may* need a longer adjustable stoker stem for proper reach too; but temporarily you can mount a set of cowhorn bars with the 'horn' part facing toward the child for better reach. Forewarned: kids grow fast!
    Hope this helps!
    Pedal on TWOgether!
    Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

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