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    Burley Duet spacing question

    We are thinking on upgrading the wheels on the old Burley. I assumed that the spacing was 145mm. I meassured it yesterday and it reads 140mm. Can I use a 145 rear wheel without any major modifications?

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    It will be a bear to spread but it will be spreadable, easier (a bit) with steel
    than Al. Might enquire of local bike shops as to whether they might do it
    and realign the dropouts with a permanent set so you don't have to muscle the
    wheel in each time. Very minor risk of cracking welds/brazing at the BB shell
    but this is less risky with steel than Al. Cold set to new width can be done
    at home but really needs mechanical assist with hydraulic or screw operated
    spreading device, one must overspread beyond the spring back point, straight
    forward with steel, not so with Al. I suspect
    has some comments on this.

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