HI everyone,

I am looking for a used well made tandem. I am looking at a very late 70's Schwinn tandem with narrow tires, steel rims, and ten gears. The schwinn has side pull brakes. Cranks and chainrings look to be made out of aluminum. The other is a brand name called North Woods. It's a MTM style with 26" wheels and 18 speeds. The NOrth Woods tandem is supposed to have been little used. I can't find anything on the webs about the North Woods brand. It's supposed to have quick release hubs and cantilever brakes.

I don't plan on doing any big hills. The Schwinn had the gear cluster modified to accept a large cog. The result was a one to one with this large cog. The Schwinn has seen very very little use in all it's years. Was garaged all the time and the owner says it only has a few scratches.

I want to get one for myself to ride with the wife, or any of my kids. They range in age from 13 to 4.

Any suggestions. I am curious as to how well made the Schwinns were back then.


Rod Wylie