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    Micargi Sport Tandem , 18 speed

    This tandem bicycle is available for sale through EBay , Yahoo shopping & others. I can find very little information about it. It is offered for about $300 - $400 dollars. Is this a good deal?

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    Here's their home page:

    Based on some quick research, but not having seen one, I would suspect there are similar in quality and function to other department store bicycles that you would find at Walmart, Sports Authority, Target, etc...

    $310 is probably a bit ambitious but I've seen a newer, 24 speed model being offered up for sale at the reduced price of $450.

    Again, if a department store bike will meet your needs this might be OK. KHS, Schwinn, DiamondBack and Raleigh also offer a few low-cost, Asian-made tandems that seem to use slightly better components which may or may not be justification for their somewhat higher cost.
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    Micargi tandem

    Howdy from Tucson!
    Re: Micargi tandem
    Rode one briefly, very weighty machine, superficial good looks but beware, LBS had one in for repair. NO grease anywhere! Cost more to repair it than to buy a new one. If your wallet says NO to higher cost, find a known brand used tandem from local dealer or bike swap meet or check TCA classifieds on line, rather than e-bay stuff, is our recommendation.

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