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    pedal shoe combo

    For the past year I've been pretty much using nothing but shimano sandals and wellgo double sided clippless on our Speedster. my wife has been using the same combo with no troubles at all. I'm finding out I've damaged my right foot pretty good by using the sandal that is a bit too flimsy for full time use (i guess). I feel like I have a permanent stone bruise on my foot right at the contact point. I've not ridden much in the past month and it's not improved a lick.

    I've seen many, many people in our club using the sandals so I thought I try them. I liked the convenience of them and pretty much used them exclusively this year. Now I'm learning that didnt do my gear mashing feet any good at all. I just got a new pair of shoes that I hope will help (also hope I didnt do any long term/permanent damage to my foot).

    Here's my question: I'm going to give the Crank Brothers Candy Sl pedals a try. The Candy Sl's are MTB pedals but, I'll be using them on our road tandem. Has anyone tried them? They have carbon composit "wings" that give it a pretty wide platform.
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    I got the Candy's about 1 1/2 months ago for my Litespeed. I love them. When I first put them on my other bike, to try them out, they were very stiff to clip into and out of but I had the bike in the trainer and just clipped in and out of them about 20 times and my husband put a little grease on them and they loosened right up. I hadn't ridden clipless in about 3 years. I find them easy to get in and out of and I really like the platform because if I am not able to clip in on the first try I can still continue to pedal until I can get clipped in. Once my husband and I get our tandem (in February I hope) and get use to it (never ridden one before) I will be putting another pair of Candy's on that bike. My husband wil probably stick to his Coombe's since he likes them.

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