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    Thoughts about making my own crankset.

    Tell me if this would work well.

    I can get a Campy Chorus Triple for pretty cheap ($90) which is ISO taper.

    I can discard the left crank arm, and use the Sugino XD crank arms for all 3 locations other than the right rear. Unfortunately these are JIS taper.

    I could use a Phil Wood BB with 5mm of asymmetry.
    I can use a standard JIS BB in front.

    total cost would be $210 w/o BBs and around $350 with BBs. Comes out cheaper than the Davinci (which is my first choice) by around $200. I get nice chainrings with ramps/pins, etc...

    Just thinking out loud...
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    Why not just go all Campy by picking up some second hand Veloce / Daytona double cranksets off of Ebay and re-taping or installing helicoils for the pedal axles? You can put your Campy Chorus stuff on one side (just retap the single arm for your right front crank) and the other grade on the left side if you can't find Campy at the right price point to meet your target.

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