I met an interesting couple this past Memorial Day weekend and only now thought to post about it here. This would have been May 22 in the evening, at the Twin Falls camp ground.

Me/us: My friend (Randy) and I (Mike), sitting around, drinking beer, just got a fire going, site# 31 or so, down the slight hill, in the woods. He's from Asheville NC, I'm from Berwick ME, we were staying the night, meeting his brother Joe, motorcycle camping/touring.

You: Couple from FL, I think, can't remember your names, but you were basically doing a tour of tandem retailers along the east coast, or at least the southeast. You test rode a bunch of bikes I've only ever seen in mags or read about online. I mentioned that my wife and I had just picked up a used Burley.

Anyway, it was nice meeting ya'll and geeking out about tandems at a campground. Random encounters like that definitely boost my sense of well-being toward fellow humans in a time when such things are becoming a rarity...