I thought everyone would like to hear how a good company stands behind their problem. My wife and I bought a Raleigh A-L tandem back in JULY 2002. We usually ride singles more than the tandem so it hasn't seen a lot of miles. While prepping for a ride in southern Indiana in August, the captains excentric housing broke. It was a defect at the stay bolts. The warranty on the frame was only for five years and the shop I bought it at had dropped Raleigh. A phone call to Raleigh USA gave me a list of area dealers. I called Bike World in Paducah Ky. The owner, Hutch said to let him "look in to it". A couple of pictures along with e-mails and he got Raleigh to take care of it! Remember, he didn't get the original sale but stepped up to the plate! So this past weekend I drove back to his shop (having already made this 2 hr drive to drop my old bike off) and picked up my new Coupe framed tandem (with my old components). The only thing Raleigh didn't take care of was his labor. That was a very small price to pay to get a very big problem taken care of. Way to go Raleigh And Hutch at Bike World in Paducah Ky.